About TakeANumber.org

TakeANumber.org is a project of Health GAP, a global AIDS advocacy organization dedicated to eliminating the barriers to access to medicine worldwide. Health GAP has existed for over ten years, challenging the structural barriers that keep life-saving treatment out of the hands of millions of people with AIDS around the world.

In 1999, less than one percent of people with AIDS had access to treatment. Now, 30% or more have access. This tremendous progress is due to activists around the world winning investments in global health from rich countries, including the US, as well as forcing pharmaceutical companies to lower the price of life-saving medicines.

In 2010, wealthy nations are using the financial crisis as an excuse to renege on their commitments to universal access to AIDS treatment. Activism is needed more than ever to ensure that no one dies of AIDS simply because they cannot afford the medication. Especially in an age when medication costs less than $300 a year (and dropping!), it is an unconscionable violation of human rights to deny life to millions.

TakeANumber.org is a place for activists to learn about what’s happening, and find ways to take action. We are working together to demand that Obama and Congress keep their promise to fully fund global AIDS programs, and ensure universal access to AIDS treatment.